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We are New Hampshire's most comprehensive non-surgical medical weight management program. Our doctor, nurse practitioner, nutritionists, healthy weight coaches, and medical assistants work together as your support team.


We provide a complete evaluation of “hidden” causes of weight gain. Our team will perform an analysis of your medical and weight history, medications, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle factors, then design a plan customized for you.


FDA-approved Anti-Obesity Medications may be available for certain patients to control hunger and cravings while establishing long term healthy weight strategies.


We will spend time getting to know you on your first visit, so we will be able to design your personalized program and get you on the right track immediately.

We follow the latest guidelines by seeing you once a week.  During this phase, we will help you establish and practice your healthy new lifestyle patterns. We will also evaluate, treat, and fine-tune any medical conditions related to weight.



This online special intoductory rate for the "Medical Weight Management Program" includes your initial comprehensive consultation & 4 weekly followup visits. 


You will also receive extensive educational support materials, including a written lifestyle prescription, the Healthy Weight Center program book, and the Calorie King calorie guide book. 


You are encouraged to call or email for extra support at any time.

"Dr. Warren's Medical Program" Starter Package

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  • For a full description of our "Medical Weight Management Program", click here.

    A refund for the "Medical Program" can be requested if made 2 days before scheduled initial visit or only up to 7 days from original date of payment, which ever comes first. A $125 start up & processing fee will be deducted from the original amount.

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