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The Full Effect Non-Medical Program

We are New Hampshire's most comprehensive non-surgical medical weight management program. Dr. Warren has created our new non-medical Full Effect Program, and now offers the support and strategies of her entire team, dedicated to your success.

How the “Full Effect” Program Works for You

With our non-medical Full Effect Program, you will receive the tools, education, expert care and support by Dr. Warren’s team of personally-trained lifestyle and nutrition experts, customized just for you.


This program is designed to help “jump-start” your weight loss journey rapidly and safely, and help you establish healthy key lifestyle patterns associated with long term success. We will also guide you and support you as these habits become “second nature”, and help you maintain your new healthy weight.


We use the science of weight loss, with medically-designed nutrition to simplify your food choices and provide 1 to 1 weekly support to create safe, efficient and lasting healthy weight loss.  


If you begin with this program and choose at any time to move to the Comprehensive Medical program, you may do so - we will always personalize your program to meet YOUR needs!

Science plus support equals success.

Types of Food You Can Eat on Our Program

Research has shown that a key to long term success is a nutrition plan that is sustainable, realistic, and enjoyable.  Our program is designed around you. We will discuss your personal preferences, nutrition needs, activity patterns, lifestyle challenges, and healthy goals, and design a plan for your success.


Our program focuses on the food you can purchase at the grocery store.  For those who wish to simplify choices and preparation, we also offer a medically-designed Fast Track food program.  We have a selection of Fast Track foods that meet a variety of needs, including options which are gluten-free, soy-free, vegetarian, and free of artificial flavors and preservatives. 


We have many patients with pre-diabetes, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and other medical issues such as celiac disease, hypothyroidism, and heart disease.  If you have specific nutrition requirements recommended by your primary care physician, specialist, or a registered dietician you have seen previously, we will tailor your food plan to meet your needs.

First Visit

During your initial comprehensive visit, we will spend the time to get to know you, your personal challenges, preferences, and goals. We will create and provide you with a practical, real-life, results-oriented Action Plan, with specific and individualized eating and lifestyle strategies to jumpstart your success.


You will have a complete Body Composition Analysis and metabolic rate calculation. We measure weight, BMI and body fat percentage.  From this detailed information, we calculate your Resting Energy Expenditure, an indicator of how many calories you need per day. This information allows us to give you individualized, precise advice on nutrition and activity level.


We will review your weight history, and fully evaluate your unique circumstances, current eating patterns, lifestyle factors, food preferences, and emotional and social factors affecting your weight.  Our lesson program will provide techniques for dealing with challenges such as emotional eating, planning ahead, eating out, cravings, breaking through plateaus, and staying on track long term.


You will receive a detailed lifestyle plan, with specific recommendations for diet, exercise, and behavioral modification.


Weekly Follow-Up Visits

Your follow-up visits typically last 20-30 minutes.


Each visit we will monitor your weight, BMI, and body fat percentage, and periodically monitor your central adiposity (“belly fat”). 


During follow-up visits, we will review and fine-tune your lifestyle plan, addressing nutrition, activity, behavioral strategies, sleep quality, and more.


We will help you overcome any challenges you have encountered, such as stress, boredom, and emotional eating.  


We will also introduce fun new recipes, and have practical handouts addressing seasonal challenges, the latest research, and more. It is our mission to support you every step of the way.


Length of the Program

It takes time to form new habits, time to solidify new lifestyle patterns so they are “second nature”, and time to learn “Rapid Recovery” strategies to maintain long term healthy weight success. 


We recommend an intitial 6 week program to establish new habits, 6 weeks to solidify lifestyle patterns, then monthly visits during active weight loss, until you achieve your goals. Once you are at your healthy weight, we will tailor additional “check-in” maintenance visits to continue to support your success. In our medical program, we have found that maintenance visits may be extended to once every three months, or even once a year, as people become more confident and comfortable with their new healthy lifestyle. 


We are also here to support you should any new life challenges arise, at any time, to help you stay successful. We are always here to help!

Healthy Weight at Home Televisits -
An Exciting New Option

Would you like to have the option of visits from the comfort of your own home? We can now make that happen! We have the technology for virtual interactive visits. Dr. Warren is one of the first physicians in the U.S. to offer telemedicine as an option for healthy weight loss. 


Telemedicine is a way for us to reach out and help you, wherever you are, whenever you need us. If you have access to a smartphone, tablet, or video-enabled laptop, you will receive the same personalized 1 to 1 weekly care and support that we provide in our office.


Our simple, secure electronic portal provides access and convenience - you may choose to meet with us "face-to-face" from the convenience of your home or work. You no longer have to worry about the distance you have to travel, bad weather conditions, mobility issues, work schedules, and other life challenges.


Excerpts from a news article about our program:

“Dr. Warren says she is excited to offer this option. “ Telemedicine makes it much easier and more convenient for patients to get the help they need...Telemedicine visits also have advantages. The patient is able to be comfortable and relaxed, at their home setting.  Some patients have even said that they want to have us help clean out their refrigerator or kitchen cabinets or discuss exercise equipment that they have in their house. Patients have joked for years that they wished we could come home with them to help them set up their kitchen and their house to make healthy food simple and organized. Now we will able be able to provide that service.”


Call us today to learn more about this option!

Are you ready to get started? Schedule a consultation now!

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