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Our patient Fedela, in the Portsmouth Herald:

"When Fedela Vincent, 68, of Rye, was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, she was relieved, almost happy. After more than three years, she knew what was wrong with her.

Vincent had spent years trying to figure out what was wrong with her, what was happening to her and her body. A petite woman, of 5 feet, she had always been trim and fit. She ate right, worked out at the gym and led a healthy lifestyle.

But, for no apparent reason, she began to gain weight. Lots of weight, primarily in the upper body.

"I looked like an apple, with a moon face," Fedela says. "Cushing's is not called "the ugly disease' for nothing."...Her doctors at this time urged her to lose weight, giving medications that often made her sick in an effort to solve the problem....

Then Fedela decided to try a different kind of doctor. She went to Dr. Jennifer Warren, in Hampton, who specializes in weight control. In Warren, she found someone who listened to her and paid attention. Warren was the first doctor to suggest Cushing's disease might be the cause of Fedela's weight gain.

From that moment on, things began to happen..."

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Our patient April, in Guideposts Magazine:

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Other News

WebMD has also recognized Dr. Warren as a medical, diet, and fitness expert.  She has been a featured speaker for their online WebMD university, discussing the proper way to start an exercise program.


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