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Dr. Warren has been featured as a medical expert

Dr. Warren has been featured as a medical expert in both local and national media outlets. Dr Warren has been featured on,, and in newspapers  including The San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, The Washington Post, and in dozens of others.

Dr. Warren is a frequent contributing medical expert for the national magazine, Allure. Her personal challenge with weight management is featured in the December 2011 article, see excerpts below.  Dr. Warren is also quoted  in the December 2010 issue, the September 2008 issue titled "Want to Conrol Cravings?" and appeared in the March, May, and October 2006 issues, discussing nutrition and wellness. The October 2006 issue of Allure highlighted Dr. Warren as a physician who practices what she preaches, and includes a number of real-life food recommendations.

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Other News

WebMD has also recognized Dr. Warren as a medical, diet, and fitness expert.  She has been a featured speaker for their online WebMD university, discussing the proper way to start an exercise program.


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