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Ditch just one tempting food — and lose weight by Rory Evans

Feb, 2010 Edition  Found on website

 Losing weight seems to require an advanced degree in chemistry, titrating fat grams and balancing the pH of your digestive tract by eating starches with vegetables. (Or is it starches with fruits?) But it turns out you can simplify things — just by eradicating a specific (and especially tempting) food. “Sometimes cutting out just one type of food can make a huge difference in weight loss,” says Jennifer Warren, a doctor specializing in weight loss at the Physicians Healthy Weight Center in North Hampton, New Hampshire.

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Our patient April, in Guideposts Magazine:

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Other News

WebMD has also recognized Dr. Warren as a medical, diet, and fitness expert.  She has been a featured speaker for their online WebMD university, discussing the proper way to start an exercise program.


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