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Dr. Warren's Comprehensive Medical Program

When You Visit:

It is our mission to help you achieve your best possible health. We provide the education, medical care, and the ongoing support that make long term success possible. We will be with you every step of the way, from your first visit to maintenance. 


You will begin your journey with a comprehensive evaluation, and a specific, results-oriented Action Plan. Research has shown that getting on track quickly is associated with better long-term success and outcomes. 

We will spend time getting to know you on your first visit, so we will be able to design your personalized program and get you on the right track immediately.

Research also shows that frequent contact and support in the early stages of a program are associated with greater success. We follow the latest guidelines by seeing you once a week initially while you establish and practice your healthy new lifestyle. The initial 12-week jumpstart program will help you establish healthy new patterns; the next step is to practice those patterns until they become "the new normal", or second nature for you.  During this stage, patients are often comfortable spacing out the visits every 2 to 4 weeks depending on their needs and challenges.

We will continue to help you until you reach your goal of healthy weight, and you are comfortable with your new healthy lifestyle.  We will teach you "rapid recovery" strategies for inevitable slips (no one is perfect!), and we will help you continue to maintain your weight with long term strategies that have been supported by research.

First Visit

  • During your first visit, you will meet privately with our medical team.  We will evaluate your medical issues related to weight, and the nutritionist will teach you eating and lifestyle strategies, and provide practical, real-life dietary advice.

  • You will have a complete Body Composition Analysis and metabolic rate calculation. We measure weight, BMI and body fat percentage.  From this detailed information, we calculate your Resting Energy Expenditure, an indicator of how many calories you need per day.  This information allows us to give you individualized, precise advice on nutrition and activity level.

  • We will review your weight history, and fully evaluate your unique circumstances, current eating pattern, lifestyle factors, food preferences, and emotional and social factors affecting your weight.  Our lesson program will provide techniques for dealing with challenges such as emotional eating, planning ahead, eating out, cravings, breaking through plateaus, and staying on track long term.

  • We will perform a comprehensive bariatric medical evaluation to identify and address medical issues related to your weight. We will review your medical history, medications, and investigate medical, as well as bio-psycho-social factors that may affect your weight.

  • After reviewing your history and completing your physical, we will address any special conditions or concerns, answer any questions you have, and work with you to determine whether you may be a candidate for medication to assist with your weight management. You will receive a detailed lifestyle plan, with specific recommendations for diet, exercise, behavioral modification, and medical issues related to your weight.

  • You will receive a Healthy Weight Center Program book, a Calorie King calorie guidebook, and you may choose to journal online and have our nutritionist review your online journal. 

Follow-up Visits

  • As part of our 12 Week Jump Start Program, your visits will be scheduled weekly for the first three months.  After the Jump Start, you will have follow-up visits every two to four weeks depending upon your needs and challenges, until you achieve your goal healthy weight and lifestyle. 

  • Your follow-up visits typically last 20-30 minutes. 

  • Each visit we will monitor your weight, BMI, body fat percent, blood pressure, pulse, as well as medications and medical issues related to weight.

  • During follow-up visits, we will review and fine-tune your lifestyle plan, addressing nutrition, activity, behavioral strategies, sleep quality, and more.

  • We will help you overcome any challenges you have encountered, such as stress, boredom, and emotional eating.  

  • We will also introduce fun new recipes, and have practical handouts addressing seasonal challenges, the latest research, and more.

  • We will follow up on medical conditions related to your weight, and evaluate the effectiveness of any medication we are prescribing for you. 

  • FDA-approved Anti-Obesity Medications may be prescribed for certain patients to control hunger and cravings, and facilitate lifestyle change and weight loss. We monitor patient response to medications closely to ensure patient safety. 

  • It is our mission to support you every step of the way.


  • Once you achieve your healthy weight, you will graduate to our maintenance program.

  •  We will give you all the tools you need for long term success.

  • The length of time between visits will be gradually extended according to your needs.

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