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Non-Medical Program Fees & FAQ

From personalized office visits to virtual visits from the comfort of your own home, each non-medical program we offer provides you the tools, education, and ongoing support that make long term success possible.


Full Effect Program


Do you have a busy, hectic life? Do you want a break from calorie counting? Do you want to lose weight safely and quickly?

Our Full Effect Program can be your solution.


The Full Effect Program is a non-medical option, offering you a customized nutrition plan, lifestyle coaching, and support.


There’s no need to count calories to get to your healthy weight. The Full Effect program is designed to be simple and provides you with outstanding nutrition.


Your weekly consults are private and every visit includes your nutrition prescription to help reach your healthy weight goal. We also will provide you with medically designed nutrition options.


Once you achieve your weight loss goal, you qualify for unlimited FREE weight checks.  We will help you maintain a healthy weight for life.


How does the Full Effect Program work?

We use the science of weight loss plus support to equal success. Medical research has shown that one of the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off is to utilize nutritionally designed meal replacements. We provide you with proven weight loss meals and snacks, along with 1 to 1 weekly care & support to create safe, efficient and lasting healthy weight loss. 


Although the Full Effect Program is a non-medical option, do I still meet with Dr. Warren's team?

You will receive expert care from Dr. Warren’s team of nutrition specialists. They will design your customized weight loss plan, and give you the support you need to succeed.


Do I make any food choices on this program?

On the Full Effect Program, we supply you with 80% of your daily nutrition during each weekly visit. You have the option of choosing and preparing one meal per day on your own, or we can provide that as well.


If I want to prepare some or all of my meals, can I still join the Full Effect Program?

Absolutely. We customize the program to meet your needs and lifestyle. We offer personalized coaching and support, and we’ll help you make the proper nutrition choices. You can always choose to add some of our meals replacements and snacks à la carte. 


How do I stay on the Full Effect Program if I can't make every weekly office visit?

We love to meet people in person, but if you can’t get to our office, no problem.  We have the technology for virtual interactive visits. If you have access to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, then you will still get the same personalized 1 to 1 weekly care and support that we provide in our office.


How long do I need to be on the Full Effect Program and how much does it cost?

The length of the program depends on your weight loss goals. We suggest 4 weekly visits to start, and then re-evaluate your progress. 


To start the Full Effect Program, the initial 1st visit fee, including your first week of our medically designed nutrition options is $275.00.


Can I achieve a healthy weight by preparing meals on my own and still be on your program for help and support?

Yes, and Yes!!


Try our Full Effect Coaching and Support Program

We will help customize a nutrition and lifestyle plan just for you. We will be there every step of the way, working with you one on one. You prepare your own meals, and if you want to incorporate our high protein meals and snacks, you can do that à la carte. Once again, we customize all our programs just for you.

To start our Coaching and Support Program, the initial 1st visit fee is $175.00.

Have more questions? One of our professionals will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have!

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